5 Ways God Made My Leap of Faith Worth It.

It's been a little over a year since I've taken my Leap of Faith (lOF). From my experience, I can tell you that"Leaping Ain't Easy, but it is Achievable". When I initially took my leap of Faith ( see blog post titled "Courtney's First Leap of Faith"), I had no clue how things were going to work out. I struggled inwardly; I worried what my peers, my family, and society were going to think about a college dropout. I wondered if I was going to be able to fund this dream, and if it was even worth it. God made my fears irrelevant and my Leap of Faith Worth it. These are just five little ways he did it!

1.God gave me a vision,

My LOF was not as easy as I expected it to be. I prayed that I could find a mentor or a friend that was experiencing or had experienced the same things that I had. Long story short, I did not. None of my friends or family had ever taken a risk that was equivalent to mine. As a result, I decided to start a blog about my journey.Blogging was a way I could share my stories and provide Leapers and prospective Leapers with everything that I was looking for: The Truth about Leaping. On that blog, I talked about my fears, cosmetology school tips, and things that I struggled with along the way. Although I was currently "Leaping", I still needed help with content and Ideas. My only friend during that time (God) provided me with titles and things that I should discuss. Later, HE revealed to me that I should discard the cosmetology school tips and focus solely on Leaping. HE continued to speak to me ,and I continued to listen. Approximately three months after launching leapoffaith.space , my first blogging site, I launched leapoffaithatl.com, where I can confidently say that "The Truth about Leaping " is provided for Leapers.

2. Funded my dream,

I started at Georgia Piedmont Technical School last summer. The Cosmetology program was everything that I expected and more. The teachers provided me with vital information about the hair industry, hands on training, and they encouraged me every step of the way.The tuition was less than a fraction of the cost at other schools. At the end of the summer, I was awarded two scholarships from the foundations department at my school. With these scholarships, I was able to purchase the tools that I needed to be a success in my cosmetology courses as well as enroll in business courses.

3. Cured my depression and desperation,

When I left college , my "friends" started acting unfriendly. When we were in college, I thought that we would remain friends forever. I thought we had that "I got your back , and you have mine" type of relationship.When I left, I found out that was not the case. I tried to reach out to them by texting or calling and I never received a response. I would try to schedule times to meet with some of them ,but they had already made plans or were just too busy. My feelings were hurt to say the least. All I wanted to do was to talk to them, get their approval of what I was doing with my life, and be in "our circle of friends". Do you see what's wrong with that picture? I did not at the time, but I do now. I was too dependent on them for things that God wanted to provide for me. God always wants me to be in HIS circle, HE is always there to talk and listen, and HIS approval is the only one I need-----Ever. After being "cured" ,I started to think about my old friends differently ; they were just "seasonal friends". We had fun and I learned a plethora of things during our friendship, but just like the seasons God wanted my life to change.

4. Surrounded me with like-minded people, and

It wasn't long after I stopped searching for friends that God surrounded me with some amazing ones. This past year, I have met many people that I have much in common . I have met photographers, poets, leapers, future leapers, and so many other people from all walks of life. The funny thing is, I meet these people at least once a week in the most unexpected places....and yes, sometimes these encounters "go down in my DM", but , I'm all for it!

5. Taught me how to slow down.

I was extremely scared when I took my L.O.F ,and sometimes I still get scared , but I'm working on that. I was always trying to think of a plan B. Whenever I felt like throwing in the towel, I would go to the business college catalog at my previous college and write down the classes I would have needed to take to graduate on time. I do plan on getting my business degree one day ,but not anytime soon. I want to finish cosmetology school first. You know what they say, "One leap at a time." There is no rush. My old college is not going anywhere. I am not in competition with anyone. I have also learned to take breaks from social media , and stop eating the lies that it tries to feed me "I have to be this, look like this, work like this, praise like that". I'm committed to living for GOD, and HE never told me to rush or compare my life to the lives of others.

I would love to hear some of the ways that God made your Leap of Faith worth it. Feel free to shoot me a email, DM me, or give me a call!

Until next time Leapers,


Founder of Leap of Faith ATL LLC.

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