Courtney's First Leap of Faith

If you know me personally you know that I love hand written letters. The following is a letter that I wrote to my jobs scholarship foundation. It was one of the hardest letters that I have ever written in my life. This letter signifies the beginning of my Leap of Faith Journey . Writing this letter and taking my L.O.F was so worth it. Now I get to write handwritten letters to Leapers for Fun (:. I would love to hear the events that led up to your Leap of Faith. Feel free to email, DM, text, or call me!

Until next time Leapers,


The Letter

Dear _________________,

My name is Courtney Williams. I am a proud recipient of the 2015 ________________Scholarship. The scholarship assisted me with my financial college needs and because of that I am extremely grateful. The first time I applied for the scholarship I was a senior in high school and that year was my first year serving at _______________________. I was saddened that I was not chosen that year. This year when my coworker asked me if I applied again, I proudly responded “yes”. My coworker then asked me if I received it last year, and I responded by saying “No, it just wasn’t my time, but this year is “I knew at that moment despite my struggles from my freshman year of college that it was not meant for me to receive the scholarship then. I also had a strong feeling when my coworker asked me about the scholarship that this year was my time. When I spoke those words I never thought that those words would manifest and materialize into my reality.

I have had the opportunity to learn so much this year about myself and about what it takes to become a successful business owner. One of the things that I have learned is that I am a great student- and I mean that in the most humble way possible. I study, I meet with my professors, I have the capability to assist other students, and I make good grades. The second thing that I learned is that the first thing I learned does not make me happy or fulfill my passion. My passion is cosmetology and making people happy. I have always wanted to own a chain of salons, beauty supply stores, and cosmetology schools. Although that has always been a dream of mine, I was not quite sure how to fulfill my dreams. When I asked people for guidance, most people told me that college is where I need to be to make my dreams come into fruition. Another thing that I have learned this year is that I have been asking the wrong people how to fulfill my dreams. The only person I needed and need approval from and can provide me with the answers I need is the Lord. With that being said, I spent most of my free time this semester talking with God, asking him to show me signs and to make his signs clearer. When the signs became clearer, I began to doubt. “Is this what you want me to do God? You want me to leave all these opportunities behind? My credits that I have earned, my Job as a Resident Assistant, my scholarship from _______________-? You just want me to go in a new direction God?” were just a few questions I asked myself and God over the last few months. After constant prayer and referring to his word (the bible) it became more evident that this is what I have to do to fulfill my dreams and to live a purpose driven life. I have to release the things that cause me to doubt and take a great leap of faith.

As of last week I have toured and interviewed at three major cosmetology schools in the Atlanta area and I am preparing myself to make a decision on which school I believe is best for me. I realized when I had this revelation, that the scholarship that was awarded to me by ________________ was for a four year University or College rather than a trade or technical school. I hope that you understand that I did not apply or accept this year’s scholarship with the intentions of not completing my sophomore year of college. In fact, I had every intention of successfully completing this school year until I realized that a 4 year college is not the most beneficial path for me to take to accomplish my dreams.

With that being said, I would like to thank you again for selecting me as a recipient for this years scholarship, and I would like to know the process that I have to undergo to return the funds that were awarded to me for the fall semester.

Thank you,

Courtney C. Williams

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