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My name is Terriana Watson. I am 20 years young, and will be 21 on May 26Th. I am a junior at the University of West Georgia. I am an up and coming Makeup Artist. I started doing make up in 2014, but I never took it serious. I was afraid of the things people would say about my work. Even though I was afraid to pursue makeup artistry, I knew I was t

alented. I decided to build my brand November 2016. I stopped being afraid of what people would say and finally took my leap of faith. I started my journey by working at a makeup counter in Douglasville, Georgia at arbor place mall. I soon realized that the job was not worth it. I was driving 50+ miles, three times a week, (which was too much in gas), and would only come out with $200. I left the job, but I had a plan. My second leap of faith was January 31st, 2017. It was the day that MakeMeFabulouss was born. I knew I needed something that was catchy, but I also knew that I needed to perfect my craft. I went to instagram to recruit women who would like to be my models to help build my portfolio. I knew I needed to separate my business from my personal page (@fabulouss.t). Therefore, I created an instagram page for @MakeMeFabulouss, which now has almost 250+ followers. This may not seem like much, but I am a full-time student, working a part-time job, who is heavily involved on campus. On April 23rd, I will be hosting a Look and Learn Workshop for 10 women at my university where they will receive makeup essentials. On June 10th, I will be hosting another Makeup Class for 25 people, which is hands on. I am making big moves and I know that MakeMeFabulouss will be big.

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