How "The Leaper" Got Its name

We refer to people in the Leap of Faith community as “Leapers”. Why Leapers? You might ask? Why don’t you refer to us as family, friends, followers, Soror/frat brothers, or some other name of this sort?

Well to be honest. We have thought of those names- A lot actually. But, there are a few reasons why we did not think they were appropriate.

Family: You do not get to choose your family. You have a choice to leap or not.

Friends: (This was a tough one to veer away from.) You will learn that friends can be seasonal and are not always the best supporters of your dreams.

Frat Bros/ Soror: There is no initiation process required. Leapers are self-proclaimed. We accept you as you are.

Followers: We are on this journey with you. We follow Jesus and strongly believe that you should follow him too. We share blogs, testimonies, and stories to assure you that you are not the only individual on this journey. We make mistakes, fall down, and follow a higher power. Therefore, you should too.

We felt as though “Leapers” was the best name to call the people in our community. Everyone on this site has, currently, are in the process of, or are anticipating their Leap of Faith. Most people in today’s society knows what it means to take a Leap of Faith ( If not, do not be ashamed, we have a blog that explains it all, click here). After dismissing the other names, we took the time and carefully cultivated a name for our community. The process went a little something like this:

Faith Walkers: No. This sounds like a Christian power walking club.

Leaping Lizards:No.we love all of God’s creations , but we are not Lizards

Leapers: Perfect! Why didn’t we think of this earlier?

Until Next Time Leapers,


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