Dream Killers

Dream Killers

            I don’t always remember my dreams. They say humans have multiple dreams per night. Maybe, I wake up and “get going” too fast to sit and think about my dreams from the night before.

            Thankfully, I do not always dream when I am asleep. I dream in my car, at work, while looking at pages in magazines, in the midst of conversations and any other time my mind deems/ considers it to be appropriate. I think it is safe to say that I am a “Professional Day Dreamer.”

            Sometimes my dreams excite me so much that when I tune back into reality, I have to verify that my dreams are not to “Out of this world” by asking co-workers, family members, and friends questions like this: “ Have you ever thought of..” “Imagine if ….”and the best set up for disappointment------------ “I was thinking, maybe I can/should…..”

            When I submit my questions of verification, I always feel so eager and in desperate need of approval. Those feelings quickly evolve into feelings of doubt, fear, and pure stupidity as I listen to “The Validator” kill my dreams. It goes a little something like this:  “You can’t do that. Your’re crazy. Do you  know how much money you would need to do that? What made you think of that?  That’s a scheme. You don’t even know how to do that!”

            As the shots are being fired and the bombs are exploding right before my eyes. I don’t dare run for cover or fight back. I accept it. I let them annihilate my dreams—right in front of my eyes. I referred to them earlier as co-workers, friends, and family, but really they are dream killers in disguise.

Dream Killers exist. Do they kill your dreams intentionally? Maybe, Maybe not. What steps do you take to protect your dreams and make sure that they materialize? My purpose for writing this blog was to simply alert you that dream killers are real. Be on the look out and be prepared.

Until next time Leapers,


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