Dream Suicide

Suicide is a something most people are still trying to understand. No one knows exactly what causes a person to take his or her own life, but many people have their own opinion of what may have caused the self-inflicted death. Some people believe suicide is the result of depression; while, others think it is a result of spiritual warfare. I don’t know the exact answer, but I have noticed suicide affects the family of the deceased loved ones drastically.

I met a lady not too long ago whose son committed suicide. She explained to me he was going through a rough time academically in college. She had faith her son’s grades would improve but her hopes were dashed when his grades did not improve. As a result, her son suffered the consequences.  He lost his athletic scholarship and felt everyone had given up on him. To his mother’s surprise, he dropped out of college. She was not upset; in fact, she supported and gave him the encouragement she felt he needed. Months went by, she continued to counsel and support him. They would often talk about him returning to college and even returning to the football field. His mother was elated, but that excitement faded shortly because her son took his life. “He gave up on himself.” his mother reluctantly told me.

As tragic as this story may seem, there is a lesson. How many times do we Leapers commit dream suicide? We are guilty of killing our own dreams, even without the help of the “Dream Killer.” We annihilate every thought that brings forth change and discomfort. When the opportunity presents itself for us to take a Leap of Faith we “shew” the opportunity away. For example, God sends people to help us, but we become embarrassed and decline their help. God is not the one who gives up on or our dreams, nor is he responsible for killing them: We are. Every time we lose faith, every time we count our self out before we start, and every time we listen to the enemy we are committing Dream Suicide.

If you or someone you know is contemplating Dream Suicide call on the Lord. He will guide and encourage you every step of the way.

Until Next Time Leapers,


P.S. Check out the forum and share your thoughts on Dream Suicide.

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