Be A Goal Digger

Did you have to read the title a couple of times to make sure your eyes were not playing tricks on you? You read it right! We want you to be a "Goal Digger" , especially when in comes to "Reaping the Leap."

A " Goal Digger" is someone who fiercely sets goals and conquers them more often then not.

As a Leaper, you must very strategic when attempting to execute your plans. The best way to do this is by setting Goals- which are mini task that leads to positive outcomes.

During this series, we will explore the most effective ways to set goals and the steps you should take if you did not accomplish your goals. But before we start digging...

We Have a Challenge For You!

Get your pen and paper out and jot down EVERYTHING you would like to accomplish during the remaining months of the year in 10 minutes. These accomplishments can be big or small, silly or serious , or work related or personal.

Completing this challenge will aid you during this series and could also help you win a FREE "I Took A Leap of Faith" T-Shirt by tagging us in your "10 min Goal Digger List." Instagram: Leap of Faith_ ATL Facebook: LeapofFaithATL Twitter: Leapoffaith_ ATL our hashtag is #leapoffaithatl

One Lucky Leaper will be chosen, so get your dig on!

Happy Leaping,


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