At the age of 20, my goal was and still is to be a published author. Any writer will tell you, it is an honor to be on the best seller’s list, which is the epitome of success.

So, where is the manifestation of this goal?  I spent years as an aspiring author such as attending writer’s conferences, lectures, and hiring an editor to critique my work.  My goal factor has seriously revamped based on self-analysis of goals and time.  

     Writing takes tenacity and the willingness to write, re-write and tons of revisions. But it also requires setting the end goal to finish the book and push SEND. This one “brave act” means preparing yourself for possible rejection. After many years of toiling, submitting, stopping, starting, I realized my problem was two-fold: perfection and anxiety. Being human, I questioned God. “Why is my goal taking FOREVER?” And on my worse days, I’d ask God: “Why even give me this dream if it never materializes? Realistically, I had to admit at the core of my goal was this unattainable goal of perfection. And secondly, I could not accept God’s timing.  Why? My heart and my head wanted this goal/dream so badly, it defied my logic about putting in the work and producing no results. Yikes!!!!

       Recently, I forced myself to push the Pause button to re-evaluate these three questions: 1) Have I set goal milestones? 2) What goals do I keep or disregard? and 3) Do I need an accountability/writing coach?

      Today fellow Leapers, my mindset about goals and my spoken words have changed. . At the helm of any goal is passion!  Any goal worth achieving requires time--and in most cases---even years. There’s no such thing as “instant success or instant gratification.”

Success requires “sweat equity” known simply as WORK/TIME. Goals are only within our reach, but we must Leap. Take baby steps. Fall. Fail. Get up and re-position yourself for success--that’s the goal.

Happy Leaping,

Lalinda Hernandez

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