Seasonal Interests

Just like the seasons change our dreams do too. We at Leap of Faith ATL refer to those types of dreams as “Seasonal Dreams.” As you may know, I have always dreamt of owning my own hair salon. A year and a half ago I felt attending cosmetology school was the best way to achieve that dream. So what did I do? I returned my college scholarships, quit my job, and enrolled in cosmetology school. I wish I can say that my Leap of Faith was that easy, but it was not. I had to sacrifice my then current life to gain a new one.

Today my dreams and visions for myself have changed. I still enjoy all things beauty and cosmetology related. However, that passion is not my priority now….Leaping is.

At the beginning of my cosmetology school journey, I began to blog about hair and other cosmetology related topics. Later, God revealed to me that I needed to blog about taking a Leap of Faith instead. Initially, I was very hesitant. I questioned God and stopped blogging completely. It was one of those “Oh I’ll show you God” moments. Yes, I’ll admit…I try to challenge God sometimes. Weeks went by and God positioned me to meet so many people who needed to take a Leap of Faith. They were scared; their faith in God was small, and their faith in their obstacles were huge. They reminded me of the me I sacrificed. It became clear to me that I had to follow God's instructions. Although I thought I was showing God something, he was in turn showing me my purpose.

Eventually, I fell in love with what God instructed me to do. Sharing my testimony was no longer scary but voluntary. Writing blogs became a hobby. And encouraging others to get their leap on became a passion.

So was going to cosmetology school a waste of time? Absolutely not. It was a season that I had to go through to experience this season. How could I have known I was passionate about Leaping? I wouldn't unless I attended cosmetology school. Maybe God wanted me to be interested in cosmetology so that he could reveal my true purpose to me. You get the gist. My leap was not in vain and neither was that season in my life.

It’s okay to have new dreams, interests, and to take new leaps. Just like the seasons, they are supposed to change. Sometimes the Seasonal, Dream-onal, Leap- onal changes can be hot and make you feel uncomfortable; they can be cold and make you feel nervous or anxious, or they could be just right and make you feel comfortable.

There are 365 days in a year. During each one of those days, God reveals something new to you. Thank God for the lesson, and prepare for the next season of your life.

Happy Leaping,


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