I've had a lot of "Its." Dream-its, where I've worked my hardest on a task or goal that never materialized, Driving-its where I thought I could make it through the yellow light but instead I got a ticket, educational-its where I studied all week (day and night) for a test and, I failed "it" (Financial Accounting), and the "it" that I proudly love to talk about ....my Leap-it.

I had my Leap of Faith all planned out. Step 1: Leave School Step 2: Take a 2-month break Step 3: Start at Paul Mitchell in February

This "It" did not work out. I was not able to attend Paul Mitchell the School Atlanta. As a result, I felt like a failure, I worried about what other people thought, and I let comparison consume me. Not being able to attend Paul Mitchell was out of my control. Yet, I could not convince myself otherwise.

If I had an opportunity to give my then 20-year self some advice it would sound a little bit like this:

1. "It's what you make it " not "It is what it is." I wasted so many months of my life being sad and moping around.Those are moments of my life that I can never get back or change.

2. "Their opinion does not matter."  People are always going to have an opinion about the things that you do, especially if it's not "normal"....family included. 

3. "There are plenty of fish in the sea" Just because one option didn't work out doesn't mean that the next one will not.... The first attempt that you considered to be a failure, was not a signal to end that part of your journey.

Today, I would like to give you some advice. Regardless of what your "it" is, if "It" does not work out it is okay. If you really really want "it" to manifest, take some time reflect and reconstruct your plan.  A wise woman once said "If at first you don't succeed....Leap Leap again." ( That wise woman would be me lol). Lastly, take all of your "its", problems, and fears to the Lord in prayer. He definitely helped me out during this season of my life. He directed me to a perfect cosmetology school for me. I know he can direct you too!

Happy Leaping,


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