Allow God to Paint Your Life: God Made My Leap of Faith Worth "It" (cont.)

To God be the Glory. I am now a licensed cosmetologist. I didn't think that it was possible but I decided to take a Leap of Faith and let God paint my life. 

God is so good Y'all. If you trust him, HE will blow your mind, change your circumstances, and the way that you think. 

My journey was scary and I am not saying that to scare you. I am saying that to be honest with you. Leaving college to pursue a career in cosmetology was downright scary. I struggled inwardly, I worried about what my peers, my family, and society were going to think about a college dropout, I wondered if I was going to be able to fund this dream, and if "it" was even worth it.

God made "It" worth it.

When I left GGC (my college) I felt liberated. I can do this...."I did it....I really left school." I thought to myself every day. Things were going great! I had a plan. But guess what? My plan did not work out. The cosmetology school I planned on attending mixed up my financial aid and politely told me that I would have to pay out of pocket.....$20,000 out of pocket.... long story short, I did not attend that school.

I blamed God. If this was going to happen I could've stayed in school for an extra semester. That would have given me time to figure things out.... develop a plan happy like everyone I was following on the Instagram (we can talk about comparison later) , and I wouldn't have had to return my college scholarships.

Not only did I blame God I blamed myself. How could I be so crazy? Why didn't I do better know how the blame game goes lol. But regardless of how I felt at the time, God had a plan for me.

I remember not having enough $ to cover my cosmetology school tuition at the school I felt was the best fit for me but, as I stated before, God had a plan for me. He directed me to an affordable school where my tuition was covered and He provided me with scholarships (yes more than 1). I remember feeling so alone during my journey, but God comforted me. I remember when my worries manifested and the haters started to hate... God whispered to me "Don't let these haters get to you." 

Today, I can honestly say that "Yes, my Leap of Faith was scary...but HE made my Leap of Faith worth it!"

When I thought God was punking me, HE was actually preparing me. HE saw fit for me to become a licensed cosmetologist. HE blew my mind. Now I KNOW that with God, all things are possible when you have faith in Him and allow him to paint your life.

When is the last time you allowed God to paint your situation? Let's talk about it in the forum.

Happy Leaping,


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