Preston’s Testimony

It’s {{Testimony Tuesday}} Leapers! Check out Preston’s Testimony👇 ➖

I just went on a 4-month faith building journey with God, and He proved to me that HE is real. HE bends, and breaks rules whenever HE wants. I gained a closer relationship with him and really sought his face and not just his hand.

➖ I prayed for a specific thing at the beginning of the year with my wife which was a “New beginning” and He did just that.

This time last year I was sinning like crazy. I was lost and blind. He led me to repent; HE then wiped my sleight clean and started the restoration process.

With my new faith walk, Satan tried and still tries to popup wherever he can. I have learned that isolation (doing life by yourself) is one of the most dangerous things any believer can do. I've had encouragement by others that are following Christ to keep me going as well. ➖ And through all the "NOs" and mountains that popped up along my path, with my faith. God either moved them out the way or allowed me to walk right through them. ➖ So my prayer is that with these new blessings that I received, that I do not drop the ball and start relying on self again. I hate the statement P.U.S.H - Pray Until Something Happens. I want to keep praying and keep relying on HIM before, during, and after the blessings, so my life with him continues.

➖ Thank you @_themoores for sharing your testimony with the 🌎 and for encouraging others to #getheirleapon#getyourleapon


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