Can you BELIEVE it?

Last Saturday at our Leap and Greet , we did an exercise about the power of believing in yourself and it went a little something like this:

Leapers were asked if they believed they could put a hole all the way through the potato by using the straw of their choice. A golden shimmery one or one that was generic and from a fast food restaurant.

Some confidently said yes while others shook their heads in disbelief.

As you can imagine most chose the more appealing straw (the golden one).

One by one they gave it a try.

The Leapers who chose to use the gold straw did not have success on the first go around. Their straws crumbled, broke, and barely made a dent on the potato.

The Leapers who used the generic straws were successful some of their straws went all the way through and others only went through a quarter of the way.

Everyone ohh and ahhed at their success.

Everyone wanted to try it again. They all decided to use a different straw.

To our disbelief the results were the same. The first group who originally used the golden straws and switched to the generic ones on the second round were unsuccessful on the second round and the group who decided to switch from the generic to gold were successful again.

During our debrief, all of the Leapers were asked how they felt about the activity and what factors contributed to their success or lack their of. Some said it was the choice of straw, the potato, and the strength of others. We later concluded that none of the factors mattered.

Switching Straws and doing what other successful people did not contribute or take away from their success. Believing in themselves was the contributing factor.The ones who believed they could do it when asked at the start of the activity were successful every time. The ones who were not confident when asked at the beginning

Today we would like to challenge you to believe in yourself. What may work for one person may not work for you. Whether your making dents in your potatoes, making it a quarter of the way through, or breaking your are still making progress!

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