I’m not Leaping Without Him

How many of y’all remember when we were LeapOfFaith.Space? Our founder @CourttheLeaper does like it was yesterday. Here’s what She had to say about it... ➖I will never forget about LeapofFaith.space. Creating that page was another Leap of Faith for me and the foundation for Leap of Faith ATL LLC. After I took my first Leap of Faith, I began to meet so many other people who wanted to Leap, but were overwhelmed by fear, lacked support and encouragement, and who needed a community of people who shared similar testimonies, desires, and faith.

God told me what to do, but I had no Idea how to do it.So let’s just say I was a little disobedient at first. I would tell people... “I am going to blog about Leaping” or my most common phrase “Wow, you have such an amazing testimony...I hope to create something/a platform “one day” where you can share it”. One day turned into months. It wasn’t until I got closer to my cosmetology school start date that I decided to be obedient to God....well kinda.

I decided that the best way to reach people was to talk about something that I was familiar with...hair. So, as you can imagine I blogged about all things related to hair and posted motivational quotes screenshots all over the LeapofFaith.space Instagram page to encourage people to take a Leap of Faith. “The Hairstylist With No Hair” and “How to find the perfect school that meets your Needs” were two of my favorite blogs that were on the website.As I began to feel comfortable blogging about my personal experiences, I felt as though I could now share my testimony about my Leap of Faith. Believe it or not.Sharing my story was easier than I expected and obeying God felt Good, I like to call that feeling “Reaping the Leap”.

God spoke to me again and basically told me to get serious. He told me to stop blogging about cosmetology related topics and focus solely on Leaping. I was scared. “I have to delete all this stuff I worked so hard on? You want me to lose the 5 blog subscribers and 33 followers on the Instagram page? I thought you wanted me to help people God?Your children need help with their hair and help finding ways to educate themselves about hair.” Were just a few of the discussions that I had with God. I’ll say what you were thinking, I was out of place and out of line.

Again, it took me a while to make the changes that he wanted me too.But once I did, I began to Reap the Leap immediately.More people wanted to share their stories and wanted to be apart of this Journey- hence the abundance of testimonies shared and recent Leap and Greets.

Eventually, I got the hang of creating website(s) (I had to create more than one) and content. It was time for me to create a new name for what God wanted me to do. LeapofFaith.com was taken and LeapofFaith777 was “basic”, but Leap of Faith ATL was just right. ATL is where God spoke to me and where I hope that our content has the biggest impact Leaper. One day, we will expand to other cities, if God wants us too. I have learned my lesson... I’m not Leaping without him or his direction.

If I could give you Leapers any advice today, It would be to Obey God. He always knows what’s best. You may not Reap immediately, which in many cases I have not, but he will not fail you or instruct you to do something where you will not grow from or that is not for his glory.

Happy Leaping,


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