This Is Your Season To Reap What You've Sown

This is Your Season for Grace for Favor. This is Your Season, to Reap What You Have Sown.

🌱🌳Reap the Leap Today🌳🌱 • • • How can you do this? By planting tiny mustard seeds size of Faith into things that you want to come into fruition. • • • Don’t worry about having strong faith or a big seed at the beginning. Just like a plant, your faith will grow if it is nourished and taken care of. • • • You can’t plant anything and expect it to grow without caring for it. You can use what works for others, but as you get to know your plant...I mean journey...I mean Leap of Faith, You begin to realize that what works for their “plant”may not work for yours. Your “Plant” may need different food,a different location, New surrounding plants, and etc. • • • Leapers are much like Gardeners and Farmers. In order to have the best harvest and plants. We must plant seeds to “Reap”. • • • {{Matthew 17:20}}

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