New Leap New Me

Every Leap of Faith that I take is a new experience. When I started this blog, I was kinda figuring out the whole Faith in God thing. I loved God, but I really didn't understand the true meaning of having faith in him. I knew what it meant to have faith but I didn't truly understand the level of Faith that I needed until my faith was tested during my first leap of faith.

Leaving school was scary. Beyond scary actually. I'm not going to go into details but that Leap of Faith was difficult for me spiritually, mentally, physically (I'm still trying to gain my weight back) , and emotionally. That Leap of Faith changed me. It challenged the way I viewed life and risks. It changed the way I viewed God and the earthly people around me. It changed my perspective a lot.

Now, I speak so effortlessly about the leap of faith I took as if it were a breeze. Let me clarify, because it's not to be misunderstood, nothing about that Leap was easy. I think I'm able to speak about it and encourage others because I've finally come to a place of understanding with myself and my journey. I understand that I had to go through that journey and trust God to be able to be where I am today and to be molded into the woman/student/Leaper that I currently am.

For about a year, I struggled to find content to write about for this blog. I thought that it was because I was uninspired but that's not true. I stopped writing because I got complacent. Complacent with my faith, With My Friends, With My routine, and With Life. I was just existing. I had that "Flowing faith". Not faith that was bubbling over on my veins but more so the faith that was just blah and encourages you to just go with the flow.

It's the beginning of January but I'm declaring---New Faith New Me. With a newer outlook on my faith I'm destined to evolve as a human being.

I got a couple leaps up my sleeve and I'm ready , or so I thought (we'll talk about that later) to free them.

Shout Out To Everyone Who Still Reads These blogs. I have faith that they'll be able to help you as much as they help me when I write them, during your time of need.


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