What The Faith

Have you all ever taken a leap of faith and at first its all good, but when the high begins to wear off you started to panic? We'll that was me two weeks ago as I embarked on my new L.O.F journey. The best way I could describe this moment was ----- "What The Faith." Here's a little note I emailed myself after fear woke me up early in the morning:

It's 4:57 in the morning and I'm up thinking what the faith did I just do!?! I literally quit my job. The thing that I have been dreaming of doing for months, now has me wide awake and full of doubt. I was worried about what my clients would think. How I should respond to their messages.etc. But then my brother/bestie reminded me that this leap isn't about them. It's about me and my faith and obedience to God. When God says Go...you go! You don't question, you don't attempt to comprehend...you obey.

No one has to understand God's Message to You but You. No need for explaining no use of complaining. They're either with me or against me either way I'm moving forward in faith.

So, what the faith did I just do? I trusted God ,surrendered my plans, and decided to move on.#NoLongerASlaveToFear #WhenGodSpokeIObeyed

Feel Free To Share Some of Your "What The Faith Moments" Below:

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